Get Smart Migration With LYSA!

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LYSA upgrade services can assist you to utilize the latest version of the Oracle database to achieve process enhancements. Our Upgrade services include superior processes and proprietary tools that assist to reduce risk, reduce downtime, and increase predictability, making upgrades smoother, faster, easier, and more efficient. To minimize business impact, we offer Off-peak hours upgrades and migration.

Get Smart Migration With LYSA!

Migrate Your Data Seamlessly With Minimal Or Zero Downtime!

Leveraging unique tools and methods, our migration experts migrate all database content swiftly and effectively. We take delight in our extensive migration experience with non-Oracle and Oracle migrations. We assist our clients in migrating their databases with minimal or Zero downtime.

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Explore our latest and greatest database upgrade and migration resources and success stories to learn more about how LYSA CONSULTANCY can assist you in unlocking the full power of the database upgrade and migration.

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